Bat Set

R 115.00 R 92.00

Use these wooden rackets with the ball to develop hand eye coordination.


Bug Box - Plastic

R 105.00 R 84.00

Sturdy plastic bug box with small net, tweezers and small plastic magnifying glass. Size: 110mm x140mm


Catch Game and Ball

R 238.00 R 190.40

Round Velcro covered mitts have a "sure stick" catching surface with adjustable hand grips on the back as easy fit for anyone. Includes ball. Ideal for practising throwing and catching as well as hand-eye-coordination.


Colour Counting Animals

R 184.00 R 147.20

Colour recognition game. This is ideal for younger learners who are starting to recognise colour. Each child is completing his or her game board by following the instructions on the spinner and dice. Use both number and dot dice for counting.



R 29.00 R 23.20

Enjoy hours of fun with this plastic frisbee that easily glides through the air.


Frog Hopscotch

R 183.00 R 146.40

Use this durable PVC circles in counting and number recognition activities. Learners get the opportunity to experience this exercise with their whole body. This product is easy to clean. Printed on durable plastic rounds. Numbers 1 - 10. 230mm.


Hopping Ball

R 111.00 R 77.70

Bounce like a frog on these super strong vinyl balls. Children will enjoy improving their balance and coordination. Easy grip handle. Ø 45 cm


Knob Stamps - Sea Life - Pack of 6

R 108.00 R 73.50

Use these washable stamps to create clever works of art. The integrated knob handle fits into small hands and provides added control - and less of a mess - making projects more fun. ø80mm.


Light Weight Racket - No Ball

R 49.00 R 39.20

Use these rackets with a ball to develop hand-eye-coordination. Plastic (Ball not included)


Linking Fish in Refill Bag

R 106.00 R 74.20

± 202 pieces - Our crazy fish links are perfect for hooking together, taking apart, sorting by colour and building long chains.


Pushing Wheel

R 81.00 R 64.80

A durable plastic steering wheel. Pushing & racing activities.


PVC Ball Number 5

R 23.00 R 18.40

Improve throwing and catching skills.


Sand Assorted Moulds

R 45.00 R 36.00

Set of 6. Plastic moulds in different shapes and colours to create interesting objects of sand.


Shape Sorter & Bucket

R 60.00 R 42.00

28 Shapes, Shape Sorter & Bucket. Durable and safe for children to play with.


Skipping Rope - Wooden Handle

R 24.00 R 19.20

These durable ropes swing freely, does not twist. Wooden Handle


Stacking Cups

R 50.00 R 35.00

Set of 9. Stack and sort or scoop and pour with these colourful cups. Great for stacking.